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What if we told you that students could LEARN through video gaming as well as explore a future STEM Career? It’s not too good to be true, it’s EliteGamingLIVE.

Unlock Your Students Potential with STEM and Gaming!

EliteGamingLIVE is the most exciting new learning platform for students in grades 3-12 at the middle and high school level. We’ve mixed video gaming and esports capabilities with learning curriculums rooted in STEM to engage, interact, and educate students in a fun way.

Whether you're a principal, administrator, youth program leader, or teacher looking for new ways to encourage educational learning with your students, we can help.


As a result of EliteGamingLIVE our partner organizations have seen:

  • A direct impact on kindness among peers when students are able to interact meaningfully with one another.
  • A reduction in behavioral issues with children who do not usually get to experience the level of camaraderie and social interaction EGL provides.
  • Kids develop new passions by discovering career opportunities paths they can actually get excited about (70% of our players complete our full STEM career curriculum)



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