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Seeing is believing.

See for yourself how our platform turns video games into a positive force for learning, personal development, and STEM career exploration.


About the Call:

We think EliteGamingLIVE is the most exciting new learning platform for K-12 kids, but talk is cheap. We’d rather show than tell. 

Schedule a 15-minute call with our team to see for yourself.

We’ll answer your immediate questions, then set up a time for you to get a full walkthrough of EliteGamingLIVE.  

We can't wait to meet you!


Here's what we have seen with our partner organizations:

  • They see a direct impact on kindness among peers when students are able to interact meaningfully with one another.
  • They see a reduction in behavioral issues with children who do not usually get to experience the level of camaraderie and social interaction EGL provides.
  • They see kids develop new passions by discovering career opportunities paths they can actually get excited about (70% of our players complete our full STEM career curriculum)

“He’s got an older brother that’s kind of been in the spotlight as a football player, and EGL has been his ‘thing’ for a year now. He’s maintained honor roll since joining, done the coding exercises, and it’s just been a really positive program for him.”

~Erica D.

Whether you’re a principal, administrator, youth program leader, or teacher looking for new ways to encourage learning with your kids...

We can help.

Let’s talk.